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The Magical World of Georgie's
Wintergarten '17

Our Wintergarten will be celebrated on Saturday, November 18th, from 12:00 until 23:00. I cannot wait to be reunited with all of you once again. As always, we will create a kaleidoscopic mix of the arts together!

De Westerweide

Our Wintergarten will take place at a magical space. A place in between reality and fantasy, halfway our world and the world from my dreams: De Westerweide (Dortmuiden 1, Amsterdam).

From Amsterdam it’s easily reachable by bike from Amsterdam Sloterdijk. Shuttlebusses will depart from Station Sloterdijk as well. You’ll find more information on transportation below.

Heated tents

The whole program of arts for our Wintergarten will take place in heated tents. You don’t have to worry about rain or the cold, but it’s still wise to dress adequately and to bring a nice, warm sweater for walking from tent to tent.


Tickets for Georgie’s Wintergarten are available over at our website. They cost €45.

I’ll ask you for your name when purchasing tickets, so I can get to know you a bit better in the future. Names will not be checked upon entry, so there is no need for worry might you misspell or resell.

Did you lose your ticket or never got one after purchasing? Enter your email address here and my friends at Ticketscript will send you your ticket again.


Are you a family member with a big heart and want to collaborate with Georgie in any way, shape or form? Send a digital letter to

Transportation of body and soul

The Westerweide is easily reachable by any two-wheeled, human-powered vehicle. From train and busstation Amsterdam Sloterdijk it’s a short 15 minute ride.

Shuttle bus

There will be shuttle busses shuttling you from trainstation Amsterdam Sloterdijk to the Westerweide from 11:00 until 00:00 and will cost €5. More information and tickets can be found here.


It is possible to reach the Westerweide by automobile. Navigate to Heining, 1047, Amsterdam, here you will find free parking. From here it’s just a short one kilometer walk to the gates of our Wintergarten.



If you take a taxi you can be dropped of right at the entree of the festival. Just tell your driver to take you to Dortmuiden 1 in Amsterdam.



Unfortunately it is not possible to camp on the Westerweide, due the native camels who come out in the nighttime. They think us Georgians snore too much, which in turn ruins their appetite.

Georgie's Rules for Life and More

Georgie’s Wintergarten maintains a minimum age of 21 years as human and at least three prior lives as multicellular organism.

Prohibition of telephone use

Our Wintergarten is about being together, with eye contact, touch, and love. Lately, I’ve been disgruntled by our collective addiction to digital media, or NOISE.
We’re being distracted by algorithms, filters, streams and stories. Tough all around us is adventure, passion and affection, we live our live through a tiny screen.

We choose to film our heroes instead of dancing with them. We share our moments of passion with a stream instead of the friends around us. We click like instead of feeling like.

For this reason, we can agree to leave our phones at home, or in a locker.

Deal, friends?

Drugs and medication

Hard drugs and any other anesthetics are forbidden, to sell and to have on you in our Wintergarten. Softdrugs are permitted to a maximum of 5 gram, with the exception of pre-rolled joints.

If you have medication you need to bring to the festival, bring a declaration explaining your situation and report to the security when entering the festival to be entitled to an exception.

Food and drinks

Spread across our Wintergarten are multiple bars, managed by barkeepers providing you with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Aside from the liquids, there will be foodtrucks offering a wide range of (vegetarian) food with a single common ingredient: Love.

Remember to leave your own food and beverages at home as there will be something for everybody at our Wintergarten.

Cigarettes and smoking

Might smoking be one of your guilty pleasures, feel free to release you inner chimney on the Westerweide. Please remember to be considerate and try not to blow smoke in someone else’s face. Or in tents, because you’re not allowed to.

Celebrating safely

Celebrate happiness but do so safely. There are many beautiful sounds to listen to at our Wintergarten, but be careful when listening to anything above 87 dB. Bring your own (hearing-) protection. You didn’t? Earplugs are available at the tokenbooths. Also, head over to Celebrate Safe and Unity for more tips to celebrate safely.  

Other House Rules


1. Bring you ID! Our Wintergarten is a 21 and over extravaganza and security tends to maintain the same bar.

2. Do cooperate when frisked, as this is obligatory. Don’t be afraid to hug back or say something nice to the guys and girls keeping us safe.  

3. Do mind your belongings. Store valuables and be mindful of pickpockets, who seem to think your valuables are also valuable and more often than not forget to return them after borrowing.

4. By attending you do give us permission to capture you on images and record the sounds you make.

5. Please do follow tips, tricks and instructions given by security and other personnel. Even though it might not seem so, they do tend to do what’s best for you.

6. Go out there and explore, just always remember to be careful! We are not liable for any damages to your belongings or limbs, unless specifically caused by negligence.

7. Upon entering our Wintergarten you agree to these houserules. After all, we didn’t write them down for nothing.

8. In cases that were not discussed on this internetpage or anywhere else, yet spark discussion, Georgie and his organisation pass the decisive judgement.


1. Don’t bring your own drinks or food. No stained glass, sandblasted glass, any glass really. No cans, no cannisters and especially no bannisters. No fireworks, no firecrackers, no flamethrowers either. We’d rather have you leave your pets at home, as they can’t come in.

2. Guns, selfie sticks, and all other dangerous mood killing devices are forbidden.

3. Physical or verbal violence, discriminating or intimidating, unwanted intimacy or general violating, these are things we absolutely do not tolerate. Georgie isn’t one to get upset easily, but this isn’t something he’s keen on and trust us, you do not want to get on his bad side.

4. Although we love it when you go all-out with all-outfits, please remember to be considerate of others and keep the provocative on the provoca-don’t.

5. Stealing or losing others peoples belongings is not allowed, but we hope you already know that.

6. Festival tokens aren’t eligible for buyback. Luckily there’s plenty of other great things you can use them for.

7. Bringing professional audio- and video equipment, spreading flyers or any other form of promoting is forbidden unless an agreement with Georgie has been met.

8. We don’t advise leaving the festival terrain, as the chances are slim it’ll be any more jolly out there than on the terrain itself. Plus we can’t let you back in if you decide to head off early, so there’s that too.

9. Promoting in any form without permission from Georgie himself is something we don’t do. Just go out there and have fun!

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